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文章500字摘要: 建筑公司Skidmore,Owings&Merrill在北达科他州法戈市中心9街区的一座18层混合用途大楼破土动工。受北美州大草原的灵感激发,整个建筑被设计用来反映城市与周边高楼的尺度。该项目包括一个广阔的公共广场,包括零售,办公,酒店和住宅,并将使用木材和当地石材。由9街区合伙人,Kilbourne集团合伙人们还有R.D. Offutt公司开发的混合功能塔楼将改变Fargo市的天际线面貌。The architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill have broken ground on Block 9, an 18-story mixed use tower in t......点击查看原文全文

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建筑公司Skidmore,Owings&Merrill在北达科他州法戈市中心9街区的一座18层混合用途大楼破土动工。受北美州大草原的灵感激发,整个建筑被设计用来反映城市与周边高楼的尺度。该项目包括一个广阔的公共广场,包括零售,办公,酒店和住宅,并将使用木材和当地石材。由9街区合伙人,Kilbourne集团合伙人们还有R.D. Offutt公司开发的混合功能塔楼将改变Fargo市的天际线面貌。

The architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill have broken ground on Block 9, an 18-story mixed use tower in the heart of downtown Fargo, North Dakota. Inspired by the the prairies, the development was designed to reflect the scale of the city and surrounding buildings. The project includes an expansive public plaza with retail, office, hotel, and residential programming, and will make use of timber and local stone. Developed by Block 9 Partners, a partnership of Kilbourne Group and R.D. Offutt Company, the mixed-use tower will transform Fargo’s skyline.

2017年9月12日,北达科他州Fargo市市长Tim Mahoney与当地城市公共和商界领袖一起参加了9街区的动工仪式。希望在激活市中心的同时建立强大的零售和公共联系,Kilbourne集团十几年前就已经开始对于场地的最初规划。Kilbourne集团主席Mike Allmendinger提到,“如何与其他合伙人每天用新的不同点子和每个人的激情一起开发这个不可思议的位于Fago市中心的项目。并为项目最终来到建设这一天而感到兴奋,同样也为9街区的未来而感到激动。”受到大平原的农业和建筑本土性的启发,9街区项目对Fargo市的都市传承表达了尊重,同时也为城市的历史街道引入了新的公共空间。

Mayor Tim Mahoney of Fargo, North Dakota, was joined by local civic and business leaders to break ground on Block 9 on September 12, 2018. Hoping to create strong retail and civic connections while activating the city’s downtown, Kilbourne Group began initial visioning for the site nearly 10 years prior. Mike Allmendinger, President of Kilbourne, note how “an incredible project team has developed, with each partner making the project better every single day with new ideas and passion for downtown Fargo. We are thrilled that the time has come to build, and excited for what Block 9 means for the future of Fargo.” Inspired by the agricultural and architectural vernacular of the Great Plains, Block 9 respects Fargo’s urban heritage while introducing new community spaces within the city’s historic streetscape.

9街区项目位于 Broadway 与第三、第四大街交界处的地方过去是停车场。沿着Broadway包括一个五层楼的裙楼,设有新的零售和餐饮空间,还有一个在第三大街上的公共停车场。项目包括全新的可用于聚会和室外活动,一年四季皆适宜的公共广场。由Aparium 酒店开发的精品酒店将占据其中几个楼层,最高楼层专用于住宅和公寓。SOM设计合作伙伴Brian Lee所说:“Fargo是美国中型城市的未来,代表着丰富的城市传承和高品质生活,同时有机会书写出人类城市的新篇章。该项目对历史,尺度和韵律,激励了一个有朝气的混合功能项目,以强化城市肌理,激活法戈市中心的活力功能。”

Sited on a former parking lot at the intersection of Broadway, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues, Block 9 includes a five-story podium with new retail and dining spaces along Broadway, and a public parking garage at 3rd Avenue. Yhe project includes a new all-season public plaza for gatherings and events. A boutique hotel developed by Aparium Hotel Group will occupy several floors, with the highest floors dedicated to residences and condominiums. As SOM Design Partner Brian Lee has said, "Fargo is the future of great American mid-sized cities, representing a rich heritage and quality of life while fostering the opportunity to create a new urban story. With sensitivity to the history, scale, and rhythm of the city, Block 9 supports a vibrant, mixed-used program to strengthen the urban fabric and activate Fargo’s downtown area."


Block 9 was formed to create a slender tower profile on the Fargo skyline. At its base, the podium embraces the street and adjacent public plaza. A wood framed public arcade will open out to Broadway and function as the building’s main entrance. On the fifth floor of the tower, a wide outdoor terrace and glass-enclosed, multi-function ballroom and conference space will overlook the public plaza.


When completed in 2020, Block 9 will be one of the tallest buildings in Fargo.







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